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Reinforcements have arrived

Yesterday the greatest of parcels arrived in the post. Something which I think many 40k hobbyists have also purchased over the last week:


They even packed in a small Primaris badge as well. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but still pretty cool.

I did consider going to either the midnight opening, or popping in and collecting it in-store on the 17th. I opted not to in the end, and wait a few days for standard shipping. The reason being that I'm autistic (mild, high-functioning), and I can either get exhausted by being in a crowd of people or I can get over-stimulated. Either way, I decided to be sensible and go for the quiet option!

Originally, I was going to trade the Death Guard models for someone else's Primaris Marines, or maybe sell them on Ebay. However, now that I've held the sprues in my very own grubby sweaty hands, I don't think I can part with them. Considering this is a starter set, the miniatures are just so damn good. I used to have a Plague Marine army a few years back and so I think I'll keep a hold of these guys just in case...

The rulebook is a thing of beauty. A nice chunk of lore and summaries of each of the playable races. I also got Index: Imperium 1. If anyone reading this hasn't clapped eyes on an Index yet, and is thinking of getting one, just be aware that they are almost rules-only documents. There is some short bit of lore, but these are clearly just placeholders to level out the races until individual Codexes are released (I know most people are aware of this, but I figured someone might not be up to speed).

Blood Ravens Librarium

I also padded out my Librarium with one of the ancient Rogue Trader models. I was 3 years old when this guy was released (1987). I need to get a hold of a base, and pick out one of my spare backpacks to complete him. I love the fact he's carrying a book into battle with him. When I eventually get around to fleshing out some names and perhaps some background for my characters, I'm considering making this guy a newbie Lexicanum.

Also in the above picture is another bunch of Dark Angels shoulder pads. I still need to get 10 more to have enough for my power armoured Marines.

I'm very much looking forward to assembling and painting my new Primaris Marines, but I've got a good chunk of my army to get through first!


They are the Defenders of Humanity

Today I'd like to show off the first Tactical Squad that has been made "Battle Ready" (i.e. painted sans guns and details).

First up is the Sergeant's Power Sword. I'm all for trying new techniques this time around, and I'd not done the quartered shading before, or this kind of blending. I was a bit clumsy with the application, but from a tabletop distance it doesn't look so bad. I think the line highlights of the moot green are a bit thick as well.

As for the technique, I followed good old Duncan of Warhammer TV (here), except I used plain old water to thin the paint. I also used Caliban Green as the base colour, Warpstone Glow for the quartering, and Moot Green for the line highlight.

I took two pictures, one with the flash and one without. The flash is so that you can see the layers more explicitly.

After some failed attempts at free-hand (I'll put them up for a laugh in a later post), I decided to use Dark Angels shoulder pads for the Blood Ravens chapter symbol. I don't have the cash for any Green Stuff just yet, but I think this looks good enough for the time being. During a battle, it will look close enough to the symbol, and you can't really see the DA sword because the symbol is painted all black.

Here is the "battle ready" Sergeant. I'm taking my time to decide how I want the banner to look, and try to develop my skills a bit before it comes to painting it:

Now here's the full squad and their Rhino:


Break out the anointing oils!

In this post I will be showing off my first vehicle for the Blood Ravens - the noble Rhino. I'm not terribly good at painting vehicles, because there's so much flat area to cover and I just can't seem to get it right.

For the colours, they are the same as the marines. The exception is that the cream/bone colour is painted on rather than drybrushed.

I kept the doors and top hatch off so that they would be easier to paint, and I wouldn't have to worry about staying in the lines. The Tactical Squad arrow was done using masking tape. I applied some tape to the hatch and then measured out the dimensions for the arrow. I then used a sharp modelling knife to remove the extraneous tape. If you look closely at the photo below, you'll see gouges where I a) got the measurements wrong the first time, and b) applied too much pressure with the knife. It was the first time I've done that, so lessons learned!

Here is the "finished" Rhino. As with the Tactical Marines, I still need to add shading/highlights, and I've blocked off the details that I still need to paint. At least I can play with it now, and complete the details later!

In other news: I managed to make my pre-orders for Imperium 1 and the Dark Imperium starter set, all funded through Ebay sales of some old stuff. I shall be a happy chap on the 17th June!