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They are the Defenders of Humanity

Today I'd like to show off the first Tactical Squad that has been made "Battle Ready" (i.e. painted sans guns and details).

First up is the Sergeant's Power Sword. I'm all for trying new techniques this time around, and I'd not done the quartered shading before, or this kind of blending. I was a bit clumsy with the application, but from a tabletop distance it doesn't look so bad. I think the line highlights of the moot green are a bit thick as well.

As for the technique, I followed good old Duncan of Warhammer TV (here), except I used plain old water to thin the paint. I also used Caliban Green as the base colour, Warpstone Glow for the quartering, and Moot Green for the line highlight.

I took two pictures, one with the flash and one without. The flash is so that you can see the layers more explicitly.

After some failed attempts at free-hand (I'll put them up for a laugh in a later post), I decided to use Dark Angels shoulder pads for the Blood Ravens chapter symbol. I don't have the cash for any Green Stuff just yet, but I think this looks good enough for the time being. During a battle, it will look close enough to the symbol, and you can't really see the DA sword because the symbol is painted all black.

Here is the "battle ready" Sergeant. I'm taking my time to decide how I want the banner to look, and try to develop my skills a bit before it comes to painting it:

Now here's the full squad and their Rhino:


  1. When it comes to green stuff, go to ebay... you can get like 3m of the stuff for little more than the cost of a GW packet. I've been using the same purchase for years :P

    1. I'll keep that in mind! The last time I bought some was from Gale Force 9 (I think they were called). It came in two tubes, one for each colour. It lasted me for a long time and I never used it all! Green stuff is definitely one of the things GW don't do all that well.