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Captain of the First Company

I've been dithering between a few different projects for the last few weeks but I have finally finished something! This is the Captain of the First Company, and he strides/teleports/stomps angrily into battle wielding a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. You'll probably be able to see that the model is kitbashed from the Captain you get in the Start Collecting box, the Sergeant's weapons from the Assault Terminators, and the head is from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue.

The right kneepad is silver, to denote his membership of the First Company. And since Terminator shoulder pads don't have rims, I decided to paint the area around the Crux Terminatus silver as well. For the robe I tried out the technique they show on WHTV for Magnus' cloth. I need more practice to improve on it, but I like the colours and will use them for my various Librarians (Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey, White Scar, Nihilakh Oxide). What's missing at the moment is some highlights and shading to the red armour, and highlights on the gold and silver parts, which I will return to and add later when the mood takes me.

One of the projects I've been working on is these Assault Termintors. For some reason I hit a bit of a slump with them, and they seem to be taking forever. Just their helmets, shields and weapons left to go now:

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