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First Battle

On Friday, I finally got my first game in of 40k in a few years, and tested my army out in 8th Edition. I don't have any photos of the match, and so I won't bother with a full battle report.

I popped down my local GW store and found a pick-up game against someone I didn't know. Apparently, my opponent had recently done very well in the Age of Sigmar school league Semi-Finals (I can't seem to find the results to share here). He didn't know it was going to be my first game of 8th, and apologised in advance for the army he'd brought with him. I said I didn't mind if I get tabled, it being my first game, so I just want to learn the rules and he can use whatever he wants if he wants to test something new.

We played 50 Power. Here's his list, the Astral Claws (pre-renegade):

Lugft Huron, Chapter Master
Valthex, Master of the Forge
Primaris Ancient
3x squads of 5-man Intercessors
1x squad of 5-man Hellblasters

My list:

1x Tactical Squad, Power fist, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
2x Devastator Squads (5-man teams), 4x Lascannons, 4x Heavy Bolters, Sgts only had Boltguns
Venerable Dreadnought, Twin Lascannon, Dreadnought CCW
1x Terminator Assault Squad (5-man), Sgt with Lightning Claws, 4x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

So it would be Primaris vs. The Old Guard then! Just a straight up battle to the death, 12" deployment zone, variable turn limit. There were two large ruin buildings in each deployment, and craters in the centre of the field.

The Astral Claws also had 7 command points against my 3. I thought myself doomed at the start, but then the shooting began...

I had first turn, which was nice, and the first 2 turns saw us trading shots across the board. Valthex has an aura that made his Bolt Rifles S5, and Lugft Huron did something that I now forget... I think it was an aura of re-roll to-hit rolls of 1, or all misses. Anywho, I lost my tactical squad in 2 turns but my Devastator squads and Dreadnought all reaped quite the bounty. The Hellblaster squad was rendered ineffective on Turn 1, and wiped on Turn 2.

Once the crowd was thinned, I dropped my Terminators behind their slowly advancing line on Turn 3. They failed their charge, and Lugft Huron charged them on his turn 3. Huron had some wounds removed, and took some Terminators in return.

Turn 4, the Terminators felled Huron, but he rose from the dead with 1 wound. Nicely timed to be able to charge into combat with them again, with Valthex supporting. This time the Terminators failed in their task (having to re-roll successful Invulnerable saves in combat was nasty).

The game finally ended on Turn 6, with Huron stumbling across the board on his second life, with one wound remaining. The Venerable Dreadnought duly gave him a lascannon to the face, and Huron failed his re-spawn roll.

I had tons of fun this game. My opponent was great to play against, and I'd be interested to see how I'd fare against him another time. My devastator squads clearly won the day this time, felling many Primaris Marines between them. In whatever 'meta' I've played in, Dev squads have always been under-represented. Yet, whenever I field them they do very well and since they're hardly seen there isn't often a direct couner to them. The Librarian's Smite ability was not to be sniffed at either!

I'll have to assemble some more models so I can mix up the strategy for whoever my next opponent will  be!


  1. Devastators seem to be pretty potent in 8th edition. Every time I have to face 4 Lascannons across the table, my vehicles get very nervous!

    1. They really are very potent! And I can even imagine them being useful against a horde army still. A full lascannon dev squad of ten Marines will have some versatile firepower with the boltguns as well.

      In future 50 power games I think I'll just take one Dev squad though, because the army really lacks mobility with two.

  2. Played a game tonight against a guard player with 9 lascannons, plus four basilisks, a manticore, 9 mortars and 9 heavy bolters... I was stonking him on points 15-3 but he tabled me in turn 5. He had nothing left to fire and I had 2CP left, coulda kept the grots in it if he hadn't wiped them out... but if there'd been a turn 6, without a doubt he would have won.

    Yeah, lascannons can be bloody nasty. About the only thing I would say would be in this case your opponent didn't give you a target rich environment for them. Like my meka dredd that does D6 wounds per hit chewing his way bit by bit through layer upon layer of guardsmen trying to reach those juicy artillery pieces... oh I'd have loved to have some lascannons on side to wipe their smug grins off their faces :P

    1. Ouch, that's a lot of firepower. How was their efficiency, being Guardsmen and all that? Did the lascannons take a few scalps?

      I'm wondering if Dev squads and Guard Heavy Weapon teams will be rebalanced in some way in the future. If that happens, I'll be interested to see how GW will go about the process.

    2. The guy was probably one of the luckiest rollers I've ever met... hitting on 4s, he ordered the lascannons to reroll ones. Issued same order to all three teams. So in total rolled nine dice. Got 3 natural hits. Got 6 1s. All of which rerolled to hits. So out of 15 dice rolled, he didn't roll one single useless number! It was brutal. Just couldn't reach the artillery, a mass of conscripts was in the way and I just couldn't chew through them fast enough. Almost made it, got to within a few inches, a few conscripts separating us, but then he unleashed hell. Again.