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Bank Holiday Doubles Tournament

Last Monday I travelled over to Durham to take part in the Doubles Tournament, being run by the GW Store Manager there. My team-mate I had never met before, and I hadn't been in a competitive match like this since about 2012.

The format was simple: Maximum Power Level of 50 per player. Position on the tournament table decided by Victory Points across 3 games. Each mission rolled for at the start of each round, and taken from Eternal War and Maelstrom of War. The VPs would then be multiplied by the number of "Best Game" votes received, and if your army is painted, leading to a maximum multiplier of x4 (I didn't know about the multiplier until the results were called, which was quite funny...). Seperate prizes were awarded for the Best Painted competition.

My Army: Blood Ravens
Vanguard Detachment
Terminator Captain with TH & SS "Haliax"
Assault Terminators with 4x TH & SS, 1x LC
Devastator squad with 4x Lascannons, 10x Marines, Cherub
Redemptor Dreadnought with Macro Plasma "Thunderchild"
Venerable Dreadnought with Twin-Lascannons "Azhar"

Chapter Trait: Siege Masters, Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve, Relic: The Shield Eternal

My team-mate's army: Minotaurs

Primaris Captain, Primaris Lt., Primaris Apothecary
6x Aggressors with Boltstorm Gauntlets
5x Intercessors with Stalker Bolters
5x Hellblasters with Plasma Incinerators
Redemptor Dreadnought with Macro Plasma

Chapter Trait: Codex Discipline, Warlord Trait: Adept of the Codex, Relic: The Sanctic Halo

Round 1: The Relic

For the first round, we were facing off against a Space Wolves duo consisting of a smattering of marines backed up by four flyers - 2x Xiphon Interceptors and 2x Storm Eagles.

The set-up at the start:

I'll be honest, when we saw the army being laid out we thought we were screwed! But at least I was able to dust off Gunner 1st Class Jurgen to use as The Relic. Since he's a Blank, he is very valuable to anyone that can lay their grubby hands/paws/talons/tentacles on him.

About halfway through the game, and it seemed that our Auspexes were bring interfered with, and no-one could locate poor old Jurgen. Or maybe his odour just put off both our forces:
I think to everyone's surprise we actually won that round a whopping 6-1, and we did the 2nd best out of all the games in Round 1. Of course, for that we would have a price to pay. But still, the Emperor Protects!

Round 2: Cloak and Shadows

The tournament organiser had to step in and play because one of the teams didn't turn up, which was unfortunate for us. We had to face the 1st best army from Round 1, which won the maximum 7-0, and consisted of this:

There are no words for the horror we were about to face. But it was a well painted horror, which was apparently a commission painted army that belonged to one of the organiser's friends. I don't think he was realistically expecting to have to field it, but it made for quick games!

My 1st Company Captain, Haliax, showed what this combination of Traits can do for survivability. It took around 2 turns of shooting from 3 Knights to kill him:

Down to 1 wound, I had to make 8 3+ armour saves. The Emperor does indeed protect:

This was for VPs for our opponent, and it was such a close game that my Captain simply had to die. He met his end in these ruins, cowering behind his Shield Eternal. Haliax served us well:

The second round we only just lost, 11-9. We did get tabled on Turn 6, but we never expected to live that long! I have to say we were very pleased with how that match turned out, and our opponent made the game much more enjoyable than it otherwise could have been.

Round 3: Secure and Control

The last mission saw us face off against a Salamanders and Ultramarines force:

Another joyous moment for me, as I was able to bring out ye olde Warp Portal that I made around 2011:
I decided on the narrative being that the Blood Ravens were trying to get in touch with their inner-Thousand Sons and pull something through the portal. The Devastators are chanting away, while the Intercessors provide covering fire.

This game didn't go so well for us, especially the dreadnoughts. The Venerable Dreadnought, Azhar, died in rather glorious fashion:
In the end we lost ignominiously 9-1. Another enjoyable game though, despite getting stomped! One highlight was our opponents thinking you can throw a grenade during combat, and not realising you couldn't until a lone marine ran at my Redemptor Dreadnought... And promptly got squished. The marine still took a wound off though, so we presume he shoved his combat blade down the vision slit or something.

The Painting Competition

There were so many fully painted armies there, I felt a bit gutted that I hadn't been able to finish mine. Here are a few from the day that I liked:

My vote went for this Space Wolves army. He paid attention to details, and added squad markings, vehicle numbers, weathering and battle damage. I was torn on my vote, but it had to go to this army in the end! It also came 2nd overall, netting £30 of GW vouchers.

This Deathwatch army nearly got my vote. I just find it really striking on the tabletop, especially when I've played against elements of it in the store over recent weeks. Still, he came 2nd and won a nice £10 GW voucher.

One of the Ultramarine armies won the Best Painted, but I'm not sure which one! Either way, I think they all looked pretty decent. 1st prize was a £50 GW voucher.

The Results:

So, how did my team do in the end? As we didn't know about the score multipliers, we were extremely surprised to find we came 3rd overall! A £10 GW voucher each, which topped off a great day. Apparently each of our opponents voted us "Best Game", and we got a x3 multiplier. Apparently if I had managed to get my army painted we would have actually won the whole shebang. But I'm very happy with my 3rd place, because I usually end up mid-table somewhere!

Our Best Game vote went to the first team we face - it was a close one until the end, and everyone played with good spirits even when things went ploin-shaped. It was tough to decide on the Best Game though, because we had such as good time across all 3 games no matter what list they brought. So yeah, Round 1 just took it.

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  1. Nice to see you kept some of your classics ;)