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Never Mind the Blog Wars 2017 - 8 weekends to build!

So NMTBW 2017 is coming up in November. I've heard a lot of good things about these tournaments, particularly a focus on fun instead of WAAC, so I've decided to tag along. I still have yet to buy my ticket, so I suppose I should get on that...

The points limit is 2,000, and there are restrictions on the number of the same type of unit (3 for Troops, 2 for everything else). I've decided to select my army based on what is the most painted, followed by how I can actually make a Detachment or two. Here is the result:

I'm going to go for a Blood Ravens and Imperial Guard combination. The Imperial Guard will be led by a Primaris Psyker, to try and tie them in to the Blood Ravens, and I'll have an Assassin tag along to cause a bit of chaos.

Here's the list (1999pts):

Battalion Detachment
Terminator Captain, TH&SS
Librarian, Jump Pack & Force Stave

Tactical squad, 10 Marines
Grav Cannon, Grav Gun
Sgt, Power Fist

Tactical squad, 10 Marines
Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun
Sgt, Power Sword & Plasma Pistol

Intercessors, 10 Marines
Bolt Rifles

2x Rhino

Redemptor Dreadnought
Macro Plasma, Fragstorm launcher, Onslaught Gatling

Terminators, 5 Marines
Sgt, Lightning Claws

Devastator squad, 10 Marines
4 Lascannon, Armorium Cherub

Patrol Detachment
Primaris Psyker, Force Stave

Infantry squad, 10 Guardsmen
Heavy Bolter, Grenade Launcher

Leman Russ Battletank
Battlecannon, 3x Heavy Bolters

Eversor Assassin

So that's the list as it currently stands. Some changes might have to be made if the Astra Militarum Codex makes an appearance before the tournament.

It should be fun to play with, and against. I've gone for plenty of infantry, backed up with a smattering of heavy firepower, and a contingent of deep striking units that will cause some havoc and unpredictability.

I need 6 numbered Objective markers, so I might use these guys and somehow come up with 2 more:


  1. Looks like a decent force. Strong, but not overpowered. Exactly what blog wars calls for!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Because I haven't played that much (less than 10 games, which includes a tournament), I do get a bit self-conscious about being OP by accident.

      Instead of the Guard, I was originally going to field a Vanguard detachment of the Primaris Psyker and 3 different types of Assassin. Ginge kindly explained that it might be somewhat OP for the event, and a bit boring in the spirit of NMTBW :)

  2. Alex runs good events and i've never faced the insane douchery I have seen at other tournaments... the only hopeless game I've had at his events was double trouble facing off against three land raiders, cos I had bugger all that could hurt them, and so did my teammate. But that was just a bad matchup... the teammate from the round before had been armed to the teeth with grav, would have made mincemeat of the land raiders. Unfortunately when I had him on my side we were fighting dark Eldar. Figures :P

    Good luck getting everything painted, it'll be a good day I'm sure.

    1. I'm so glad they've done away with the old vehicle rules. I actually feel like an armoured column is feasible now in a friendly game. Once upon a time, in 4th, I took 3 Landraider Crusaders against a Tyranid army. I felt dirty afterwards...

      And thanks! Progress was slow this past week, but I'll get there. The centerpiece characters were pretty much done anyway, so it's a matter of slapping colour on the rank and file.