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That was an unexpected hiatus!

Well, as you can see, I was away for quite a considerable amount of time!

I didn't make to the NMTBW tournament in the end, and I've hardly done anything hobby-related either.

I started a new job back at the end of September last year, and the first few months were pretty crazy! As part of the job I'm studying for two post-grad courses (which drops to one at the end of this academic year, thankfully), and I was travelling around a lot.

Now I'm back -ish. Some of my friends and I had a Tale of Four Gamers planned to start in January ( ), but we decided to push it back until about August when I will have more time. We really want to maximise the chance of ToFG being successful, and having four fully painted armies by the end of it!

I'm currently messing about with a Skeleton Horde Start Collecting box. It's taken two weeks to paint four Skeletons! However, it's doing a good job of getting me back in the routine of hobbying again. I'll post pictures in due course.

It's good to be back, that's for sure. I've missed my little plastic toys!!!

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